Automatically backup Raspberry Pi to Synology NAS

Backups are important. In fact, I frequently obsess over it. When I bought and set up a new Raspberry Pi at home, one of the first things I wanted to do was find a way to back it up. More specifically, I wanted the backup to go to an external [...]

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The fuss about Robotic Process Automation

I’ve recently been learning Robotic Process Automation, or RPA for short. The robot in RPA isn’t the type of mechanical machine made popular by Science Fiction author, Issac Asimov. Instead, they’re software robots. I hadn’t realised this, but software robots have been a huge part of my professional life since [...]

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Less Messy Re-Organisation

There’s no denying that reorganisations, or reorgs as they are colloquially known, are messy affairs. But they might be necessary to meet either short or long-term challenges. Perhaps the environment around the business has been disrupted by new technology, and existing products and services are no longer profitable. Said Paul [...]

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Four tips on benchmarking

I often get annoyed when people talk about benchmarking. It’s not that I dislike the whole idea of benchmarking, but that a lot of discussion on the topic is plain wrong. For example, benchmarking programmes should not be implemented in the absence of a management framework that already tracks performance [...]

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Protect senior dignity in home caring

Although Singapore still has a generally young population, the proportion of elderly is expected to grow significantly. In 1970, there were about 118,300 persons aged sixty and above. Ten years later, this rose by 47%, to 173,600. By 2030, up to 835,000 person will be sixty or older. People are [...]

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Improve processes to save the Earth

It’s easy to underestimate the impact that process improvements has on the environment, but it’s real. Whichever tool a team uses to examine and improve their work, one of the first targets is usually muda. Muda is a Japanese word that means waste. Wastes appear in all processes, even in [...]

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